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Preparing students to serve as productive citizens in a changing and global society.


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Our mission is to provide a safe environment that promotes active student participation in a rigorous, balanced education that focuses on critical thinking and problem solving skills utilizing technology and collaborative strategies for college and career readiness.

Our Community

The town of Armorel was founded in 1899 by lumber magnate and president of Lee Wilson and Company, R. E. L. Wilson as one of his many company holdings. Wilson was an eclectic and colorful figure with vast land holdings in the Delta area after the Civil War. The town's name was formed from the abbreviations of Arkansas and Missouri, along with the first three initials of it's founder, Wilson. Armorel is roughly 5 miles outside of the city of Blytheville.

Blytheville, established as lumber mill town in the 1880s, has also served as a center for the cotton-growing industry, a Strategic Air Command (SAC) airbase and a gateway city for the Natural State. The airbase was phased out years ago, but Blytheville has emerged as a steel production center and agri-business is strong.

Armorel/Blytheville has many historical and fun attractions to offer for locals and visitors. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get a glimpse of the mighty Mississippi River as well.


Wes Sanders, P.E. and Girsl Basketball

Wes Sanders

"I started my teaching career at Armorel 5 years ago. From the beginning, I have thought Armorel as a second home. We have a close-knit faculty and staff who are like family, we have wonderful kids who work hard and are eager to learn, and we have great support from parents, community members, and local businesses. Armorel is a great place to be!"

Bobbie McLean, Elementary Teacher

Bobbie Lannon

I love being part of the Tiger Family! This is my seventh year at Armorel. I love that our small district allows us to watch our little tiger cubs as they grow and cross the street to become Tigers! The stakeholder support we receive, from parents to community members, is overwhelming. I am blessed to have the opportunity to be a member of the Armorel School District.

Marilyn Kennon, Kindergarten Teacher AES

Marilyn Kennon

"I come from a small community with family values. I feel blessed, and fortunate, to be given the opportunity to teach at Armorel. I'm hoping I can make an impact on my students, just as my little school did, all those years ago."

Shannon Miller, High School Health and P. E.

Shannon Miller

Armorel School District is a great place! I love our students and their desire to succeed. Our school size allows us to get to know our students and their families in a way that can foster student improvement and success. We have great administrative and parental support which makes the task of teaching more enjoyable. I appreciate the effort by all who have worked to make our school be the best it can be. Go Tigers Go!!!

Current Openings

Bus Drivers

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Applications should be sent to:
PO Box 99
Armorel AR, 72310

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You may also drop applications off at the District Admin Building located at
4555 North State Hwy 137
Blytheville, AR 72315

Phone: (870) 763-6639
Fax: (870) 763-0028

Armorel Public Schools is an equal opportunity employer.